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Tabex is one of the oldest and the most effective product that can help you quit smoking in just 25 days. It is also the cheapest product available compared to the other expensive methods against smoking. Tabex is 100% natural product, extracted from a plant. It has been used in Eastern Europe for more then 50 years, and has been proven very effective and most importantly it doesn't cause side effects as the other stop smoking products do.

The active ingredient is cytisine, which is a natural component of the plants parteining to the family Faboideae.


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The advantages of Tabex have been proven in many clinical trials that the success rate is equivalent or even higher then the other accessible methods for giving up smoking. Recently in 2013 one research has proven this again.


If you are already here it is clear that you are determined to quit the habit of smoking. Anyway, lets remind why it is wise that we should avoid nicotine and cigarettes at any price. You should know that 1 year after you stop smoking your heart diseases risk is lowered to 50%. And 3 years after you quit smoking your risk for lung cancer will be the same as it is with non-smoking individuals. 90% of all people diagnozed with lung cancer are smokers. Many people believe that smoking is helping them with their anxiety or psychological well-being. Well, that is not true. According to this study published in the Cambridge journal smoking cessation helps people overcome other psychological conditions like anxiety, insomnia, mood disorders and alcohol use disorders.